How I started playing violin.

Me, at ten years old.

I grew up in Philadelphia with one huge advantage, the city spent money on  arts in the public schools. When I was 7 years old, someone came to our classroom to test everyone’s musical ability with the intention that one boy and one girl would be selected to learn an instrument.  I knew in my heart this was an important day, and though being very shy, I desperately wanted to be the one chosen.

I remember the whole scene to this day, sitting in front of the tester, concentrating on doing well, praying she’d see the look of longing in my eyes, begging her silently to pick me!

Luckily, I was, and when asked to select an instrument, and I picked the only instrument I knew, the violin.  The school provided group lessons, and I felt passionate about playing from the first day.  To this day, I wonder about being given this opportunity, how amazing it was that my life was changed by this one person’s intuition.