March 1st - Harris Teeter Winery, Golf Links Drive, CharlotteMarch 8th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleMarch 9th - Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop, CharlotteMarch 10th - King Canary Brewery, MooresvilleMarch 15th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusMarch 16th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusMarch 17th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusMarch 22nd - Harris Teeter Winery, Cotswald, CharlotteMarch 23rd -Triple C Brewing, CharlotteMarch 28th - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteMarch 29th - Sugar Creek Brewing, CharlotteApril 5th - Harris Teeter Winery, S. Blvd. CharlotteApril 6th - Private Event, Sweet MagnoliaApril 7th - King Canary Brewery, MooresvilleApril 12th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleApril 13th - Craft Tasting Room and Growler Shop, CharlotteApril 20th - Pharr Mill Brewing, HarrisburgApril 21st- Private Event, Charlotte Country ClubApril 24th - Marriott, SpartanburgApril 25th - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteApril 27th - Private Event, Overlook BarnMay 2nd - Aloft, BallantyneMay 3rd - Corkscrew, BirkdaleMay 4th - Native Kitchen, SwannanoaMay 5th - King Canary Brewery, MooresvilleMay 11th - Daveste Vineyards, TroutmanMay 12th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusMay 18th - Craft Growler Shop, CharlotteMay 25th - Private Event, StatesvilleMay 30th - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteJune 6th - UNC Corporate Event, KannapolisJune 14th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleJune 15th - Harris Teeter Winery, Golf Links Dr., CharlotteJune 21st - Galway Hooker, CorneliusJune 22nd, Private EventJune 27th - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteJuly - 27th - Craft Growler Shop and Tasting Room, CharlotteAug. 2nd - Galway Hooker, CorneliusAug. 3rd - Private Event, StatesvilleAug. 9th - Corkscrew, CorneliusAug. 10th - Craft Growler Shop and Tasting Room, CharlotteAug. 16th - Sugar Creek Brewery, CharlotteAug. 17th - Sweet Union Brewing, Indian TrailAug. 22nd - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteAug. 23rd - Harris Teeter Winery, S. Blvd., CharlotteAug. 24th - Pharr Mill Brewing, Harrisburg, NCAug. 29th - Aloft Ballyantyne, CharlotteAug. 30th - Harris Teeter Winery, Sharon Amity, CharlotteAug. 31st - Wedding, Mooresville