Past and Current Venues

Pillar Rooftop Bar, D9 Brewing, Chestnut Ridge, Aloft Hotels, The Hobbyist, Blue Blaze Brewing, Sugar Creek Brewery, Craft Growler Shop and Suffolk Punch, Biltmore, Grove Park Inn, Burntshirt Vineyards, 12 Bones Brewing, St. Paul Mountain Vineyard, Harris Teeter Wineries, Bank of America Tower, Trump National in Mooresville, Sweeten Creek Brewing, Castle Ladyhawke, The Grocery Bar in Black Mountain, Core 450, Penninsula Yacht Club, Red Box Fitness, Sawyer Springs Vineyard

I performed at over 90 shows in 2022!

2023 SHOWS

Jan. 11th - Aloft Ballantyne, Charlotte

Jan. 12th - Harris Teeter Wine Bar, Golf Club Rd. #440, Charlotte

Jan. 20th - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville

Jan. 27th - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

Feb. 2nd - Harris Teeter Wine Bar, Smith Farm Rd, Charlotte

Feb. 6th - Aloft Ballantyne, Charlotte

Feb. 11th - Ballyantyne Hotel, Charlotte

Feb. 12th - Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte

Feb. 14th - Charlotte Country Club, Charlotte

Feb. 16th - Private Corporate Event, Greenville, SC

Feb. 25th - Bear Falls Wine Company, Hendersonville, NC

March 1st - Aloft Ballantyne, Charlotte

March 2nd - Harris Teeter Wine Bar, Smith Farm Rd, Charlotte

March 3rd - Suffolk Punch, Charlotte

March 4th - Junius Lindsay Vineyard, Lenoir

March 10th - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville

March 11th - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

March 17th - Raintree Country Club, Private Event, Charlotte, NC

March 18th - Daveste Vineyards, Troutman

March 19th - Daveste Vineyards, Troutman

March 25th - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

April 5th - Aloft, Ballantyne

April 6th - Harris Teeter Wine Bar, Smith Farm Rd., Charlotte

April 8th - Private Event, Fletcher, NC

April 14th - The RailYard, Black Mountain

April 15th - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

April 21st - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

April 22nd - Bear Falls Wine Company, Hendersonville, NC

April 23rd - Sawyer Springs Winery, Hendersonville, NC

April 27th - Private Event, Corporate, Kannapolis

April 28th - Boondoggler's Brewing Company, Mooresville

May 5th - 12 Bones Brewing, Arden

May 6th - Private Event, Barnardsville, NC

May 7th - Biltmore Blooms, Asheville

May 11th - Biltmore Blooms, Asheville

May 12th - D9 Brewing, Hendersonville

May 14th - Core 450, Traveller's Rest, SC

May 19th - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

May 20th - Private Event, Candler, NC

May 22nd - Biltmore Blooms, Asheville

May 29th - Private Event, Limestone, TN

June 2nd - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

June 3rd - Private Event, Asheville, NC

June 9th - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville, NC

June 10th - Private Event, Greenville, SC

July 1st - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville, NC

July 2nd - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville

July 7th - Laurel Ridge Country Club, Waynesville

July 8th - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

July 19th - Aloft Ballantyne, Charlotte

July 20th - Harris Teeter Winery, Smith Farm Rd., Charlotte

July 28th - The Mule at Devil's Foot Brewing, Asheville

July 29th - Bear Falls Wine Co., Hendersonville

August 3rd - Fae Nectar, Lake Lure

August 4th - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

August 5th - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville

August 12th - Private Event, Highlands, NC

August 19th - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

August 25th - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

September 2nd - Omni, Private Event, Asheville

September 9th - Private Event, Marshall, NC

September 15th - Burntshirt Vineyards, Hendersonville

September 16th - Private Event, Hendersonville, NC

September 20th - Private Event, Landrum, SC

September 22nd - Pillar Rooftop Bar, Asheville

September 23rd - Core 450, Travelers Rest, SC

September 30th - Private Event, Weaverville, NC

October 6th - Core 450, Travellers Rest, SC

October 7th - Private Event, Hot Springs

October 8th - Private Event, Asheville

October 11th - Aloft Hotel, Ballantyne

October 12th - Harris Teeter, Smith Farm Rd., Charlotte

October 14th - Private Event, Marvin, NC

October 15th - Boondoggler's Brewing Company, Mooresville, NC

Oct. 21st - Bear Wine Company, Hendersonville, NC

October 22nd - Private Event, Greenville, SC

November 7th - Biltmore, Asheville

November 13th - Biltmore, Asheville

November 18th - Private Event, Weaverville

November 21st - Biltmore, Asheville

December 1st - 12 Bones Brewing, Arden

December 3rd - Private Event, Laurel Ridge CC, Waynesville, NC

December 8th - Sugar Creek Brewing, Charlotte, NC

December 9th - Private Event, Penninsula Yacht Club, Cornelius, NC

December 29th - D9 Brewing, Hendersonville, NC

(2024 Dates Booked - Feb. 14 April 20th, May 4th, May 26th, June 29th), Sept. 1st