Previously in 2021

Past and repeat venues:  Piper's at Galway Hooker, King Canary Brewing, Chestnut Ridge, Aloft Hotels, The Hobbyist, Blue Blaze Brewing, Sugar Creek Brewery, Craft Growler Shop and Suffolk Punch, Biltmore, Grove Park Inn, Burntshirt Vineyards, 12 Bones Brewing, St. Paul Mountain Vineyard, Harris Teeter Wineries, Bank of America Tower, Triskelion, Trump National in Mooresville, Sweeten Creek Brewing, Castle Ladyhawke 2022Jan. 7th - Private Event, TuskaseegeeJan. 13th - HT Winery, 4701 Smith Farm Rd, CharlotteJan. 14th - The Hobbyist, CharlotteJan. 15th - Suffolk Punch, CharlotteJan. 28th - 12 Bones Brewing, ArdenJan. 29th - Triskelion Brewing, HendersonvilleFeb. 11th - Private Event, BiltmoreFeb. 13th - Burntshirt Vineyards, HendersonvilleFeb. 23rd - Aloft Hotel, BallantyneFeb. 24th - Harris Teeter, 2717 S. Blvd, CharlotteFeb. 25th - Sugar Creek Brewing, CharlotteMarch 17th - Sweeten Creek Brewing, St. Patrick's Day, 5-8pmMarch 18th - Jack of the Wood, Asheville (4-6pm, special St. Patrick's Day show)March 19th - King Canary Brewing, MooresvilleMarch 20th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusMarch 25th - Burntshirt Vineyards, HendersonvilleMarch 26th - Private Event, Black MountainMarch 31st - Harris Teeter, Smith Farm Rd.April 1st - Suffolk Punch BrewingApril 6th - Aloft Hotel, South CharlotteApril 7th - Harris Teeter, 2717 S. Blvd., CharlotteApril 8th - The Hobbyist, CharlotteApril 9th - Blue Blaze Brewing, CharlotteApril 15th - Jack of the Wood, AshevilleApril 16th - 12 Bones Brewing, ArdenApril 17th - Mountain Brook Vineyard, TryonApril 22nd - Burntshirt Vineyards, HendersonvilleApril 23rd - Private Event, AshevilleApril 29th - Jack of the Wood, AshevilleMay 4th - Biltmore, Deepark, Private EventMay 8th - King Canary Brewing, MooresvilleMay 12th -Harris Teeter Winery, 4701 Smith Farm Rd.May 14th - Private Event, CharlotteMay 15th - Piper's at Galway Hooker, CorneliusMay 20th - Jack of the Wood, AshevilleMay 22nd - Sawyer Springs Winery and Vineyard, HendersonvilleMay 26th - The Grocery Market and Bar, Black MountainMay 27th - Burntshirt Vineyards, HendersonvilleJune 3rd - Private Event, Myers Park Country ClubJune 4th - Private Event, Lenoir, NCJune 5th - Sawyer Springs Winery and Vineyard, HendersonvilleJune 17th - Jack of the Wood, AshevilleJune 23rd - Harris Teeter Winery, Smith Farm Rd.June 24th - Private Event, CharlotteJune 26th - Daveste Vineyards, TroutmanJuly 1st - Earthly Minds Gallery, SaludaJuly 15th - 12 Bones Brewing, ArdenJuly 17th - Sawyer Springs Winery and Vineyard, HendersonvilleJuly 21st - Harris Teeter, Smith Far Rd., CharlotteJuly 22nd - Suffolk Punch Brewing, CharlotteJuly 24th - Galway Hooker, Cornelius   Other Dates Booked 2022-  Aug. 20th, Sept, 2nd, 9th, 17th, Oct. 14th, Oct. 15th, Oct. 21st, Oct. 22nd, Oct. 29th, Oct. 30th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 16thOther Dates Booked 2023 - May 29th