Aug. 2nd - Galway Hooker, CorneliusAug. 3rd - Private Event, StatesvilleAug. 9th - Corkscrew, CorneliusAug. 10th - Craft Growler Shop and Tasting Room, CharlotteAug. 16th - Sugar Creek Brewery, CharlotteAug. 17th - Sweet Union Brewing, Indian TrailAug. 22nd - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteAug. 23rd - Harris Teeter Winery, S. Blvd., CharlotteAug. 24th - Pharr Mill Brewing, Harrisburg, NCAug. 29th - Aloft Ballyantyne, CharlotteAug. 30th - Harris Teeter Winery, Sharon Amity, CharlotteAug. 31st - Wedding, MooresvilleSept. 5th - Daveste Vineyards, Troutman, NCSept. 7th - Wedding, MooresvilleSept. 8th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusSept. 12th - Aloft, BallantyneSept. 13th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleSept. 21st - Private Event, AshevilleOct. 4th - Harris Teeter #208, CharlotteOct. 5th - Private Event, MooresvilleOct. 6th - King Canary Brewery, MooresvilleOct. 10th - Private Event, HendersonvilleOct. 11th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleOct. 12 - Sweet Union Brewing, Indian TrailOct. 18th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusOct. 19th - Private Event, CharlotteOct. 29th - Aloft, BallantyneNov. 2nd - Craft Tasting Room, CharlotteNov. 3rd - Private Event, Banner ElkNov. 8th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleNov. 9th - Private Event, New LondonNov. 10th - Burnshirt Vineyard, HendersonvilleNov. 15th - Harris Teeter #305, CharlotteNov. 16th - Corkscrew, Fort Mill, SCNov. 21st - Aloft, Ballantyne, CharlotteNov. 22nd - Galway Hooker, CorneliusNov. 23rd - Craft Tasting Room, CharlotteDec. 5th - Aloft Ballantyne, CharlotteDec. 6th - Private Event, CharlotteDec. 7th - Pharr Mill Brewing, Harrisburg, NCDec. 10th - Private Event, CharlotteDec. 12th - Private Event, CharlotteDec. 13th - Corkscrew, HuntersvilleDec. 14th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusDec. 20th - Sugar Creek Brewery, CharlotteDec. 21st - Pharr Mill Brewing, Harrisburg, NC2020Jan. 10th - Harris Teeter Winery, Sharon Amity Rd, CharlotteJan. 11th - Lake Wylie Brewing, Lake WylieJan. 12th - Galway Hooker, CorneliusJan. 14th - Aloft BallantyneJan. 18th - Harris Teeter, Smith Farm Rd, CharlotteJan. 20th - Corporate Event, Bank of AmericaJan. 25th- Event, Chestnut Ridge, CantonJan. 26th - St. Paul Mtn. Vineyard, HendersonvilleJan. 31st - Galway Hooker, CorneliusFeb. 8th - Daveste Vineyard, TroutmanFeb. 11th - Aloft BallantyneFeb. 14th - Galway Hooker, Cornelius