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Teaching violin to students of all ages and abilities for over 20 years, has increased my insight into the process of learning to play this amazing but difficult instrument. In 2004, while trying to teach a particular set of skills to my students, I wrote a few pieces for them to play.  Their response to my music was so positive, that I continued writing with them in mind.  Before long, I felt compelled to compile these pieces in a book, and titled it, 'The Smart Violin Method', Book One.  Over the years, as my students progressed, their need for more complex material was a motivating factor to continue publishing.  In total, I have published 8 books for violin students and performers. These are; The Smart Violin Method, Books 1 -5, Easy Tunes, Classic and Celtic Wedding Favorites and Classic and Celtic Christmas Duets. The books are for sale on Amazon, as a hard copy, and Sheetmusicplus for download. Some of my arrangements of popular music from the 60's to present can be purchased at Sheetmusicplus.