How I Found My Violin

Welcome to my blog!  I hope to give insight into some of the behind the scenes happenings and answer questions that I get asked while at shows.  I thought I’d start with my instrument, which I’ve had since 1999.  At one time I was touring with the band Celtic Soul, and while we were performing in Savannah GA, I had to kill some time before a show. So I decided to visit a music store that specialized in drums and guitars.  I noticed in the far corner behind a row of drums, there were three violins hanging on the wall, looking very out of place among all the other typical rock-band instruments.  That’s when the old violin caught my eye, it was worn-looking, and possibly needing repair.  I played on it that day, and even though I liked it quite a bit, I put it back on the wall.  A few months later, back in Savannah with the same band, I did exactly the same thing. I went to the store to play the violin, this time for hours.  Can you believe it?  I left again.  Only this time, when I went home I felt so certain that I had to buy the violin I drove back over 2 hours to Savannah. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! My violin, is not expensive instrument, but it is invaluable to me. It’s over 100 years old, and it did need quite extensive repairs.  The label reads, ‘Copy de Deconet Michel, 1748’,  It’s most likely a French violin. I’ve never found another violin with the same label, though I’ve looked!